My wife recently quit her thankless job, and to celebrate her new-found freedom we decided to try a local Japanese restaurant we’d heard a lot about: Japan GO. Japan GO is located at at 122 Elizabeth Street, about 3 blocks East of University, a little South of Dundas St. West. The restaurant is intimate to say the least; it seats 20 patrons at most though you never get the feeling
you’re crammed in. The decor is unpretentious and reminded me of my old favourite sushi places I used to frequent in Japan. In fact, the name “Japan Go” means “Japan Hometown”, suggesting a feeling of familiarity and comfort.The menu is also quite traditional, serving your usual sushi and sashimi deals. There is also a respectable selection of Japanese alcohols (though a little shochu would not go amiss!).What really impressed me was the sashimi donburi, a delicious sashimi selection on top of a bowl of rice. My wife ordered it, and the dish was exquisite. The quality of the rice – nicely seasoned short grains – was excellent and only to be outshone by the melt-in-your mouth assortment of fish, including BC salmon.

I opted for the sushi dinner (regular) with an assortment of sushi and maki (California rolls). Again, the the fish and rice were excellent, but the presentation was, quite frankly, astonishingly poor. The maki were rolled well, but the nigiri sushi looked like lifeless, flaccid hunks of flesh. The fish was cut unevenly, the shape was completely off, and the nigiri’s rice bed was sorely lacking.

That aside, I would certainly recommend Japan Go, and I will definitely go back for another round. In fact, I believe this Friday is free…

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