Its always a little touch-and-go around West Hastings and Carrall, but a number of great places have opened up to draw in the adventurous foodie. One such place is the ACME Café, a relatively new place that serves up some killer breakfast fare.

My wife and I went here a week ago with some friends and didnt really know what to expect.  At first the minimally decorated, white-walled café didn’t give much up. Despite its understated décor, however, the place has an old soul, with a lovely counter that gives onto the open kitchen; the thick, white coffee mugs of diners of yore; and that relaxed early morning feel I like so much in a city waking up on a weekend to the murmur of quiet conversations.

The Bratwurst Sausage Special - Amazing Flavour

The Bratwurst Sausage Special - Amazing Flavour

Our bearded waiter – who was outfitted with the plaid clothing and jeans that are de rigeur for a hip new diner/restaurant was friendly, prompt, and very knowledgeable about the menu and the mornings breakfast specials. Todays specials were (1) a bratwurst sausage with pierogis, onions, eggs and toast; and (2) cornbread crowned with Guinness-infused cheese, spinach and other goodness (I admit I have a terrible memory for the uber-long list of specials’ ingredients). I stared into his eyes and thought: You had me at bratwurst. We ordered both specials and we would not be disappointed.

The sausage special was cooked perfectly. The sausage was moist, juicy and tasty, and the eggs were cooked to just right. I note that ACME does not have a grill, so all eggs (and all food, I presume) are cooked sunny side up in the oven. As such, if youre an over easy kinda gal (or guy) you may feel somewhat limited. I was not bothered at all by this quirk, especially since the quality and taste of the egg was good.

The Cornbread Special: Also Awesome

My wifes cornbread special was a similar success. The cornbread was not at all dry and the Guinness cheese was a revelation. This is what people talk about when then use terms like honest food or comfort food.

 The specials were enjoyed with ACMEs lovely bottomless coffee; our cups were filled about 3 times in 30 minutes. This may explain why we were unable to find room for a generous slice of ACMEs many sumptuous-looking pies. I guess well just have to come back.

Breakfast, done right, is a noble meal: simple, unpretentious, and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. In that sense, ACME Café is a lot like the meal it does justice to, and I highly recommend you wander down one lazy Saturday morning to experience this wonderful place for yourself.

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