There were not mariachi bands on the pier the day I went to Nancy’s Tacos.  It’s just as well, because no music was necessary to improve on this relaxed taco-eating experience.

Nancy's Tacos

To anyone whose ever been to Bowen Island, Nancy’s Tacos is a familiar sight – it is located on the pier/boardwalk facing the BC Ferry port (at Snug Cove).  More shack than restaurant, this place fits right in to the unassuming, laid-back island vibe.  The service is similarly unpretentious and folksy.  Our tacos were made by two chatty teenagers who seemed delightfully aware of just how sweet their summer jobs are.  Despite their garrulous nature, they prepared our tacos in no time and informed us that they were ready by calling out our names from the stand’s front window.

Nancy's Taco Menu (click to enlarge)

So, what does Nancy have to offer?  Well, the menu is wonderfully simple.  There is a variety of taco sizes (grande or regular), main fillings (beef or beans), and shells (corn flour-based or regular flour-based).  The most expensive taco only puts you back $6 while the smaller flour taco rings in at only $4(!).  That is very good value.  If you fancy something different, the menu also features quesadillas, chips and salsa, or a taco salad.

The soft taco shells that cradled our lunch (you can get hard shells, too) had a great texture and a nice bite, adding another dimension to this noble creation.  The beef (which apparently is locally sourced) was nicely seasoned and dressed up with moist tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, a piece of lime, and what looked to be some kind of couscous (if anyone knows what that topping is, please let me know).  I added some heat courtesy of the Jim Beam hot sauce which was but one of the hot sauces made available by Nancy.

The Grande (foreground) and Regular Taco

If you put too much hot sauce on, fear not.  There is a healthy assortment of colourful fizzy and fruity drinks that glisten in the sun, like stained glass, in this modest taco cathedral.

If you decide to come to Bowen Island, I would definitely recommend checking out Nancy’s Tacos.  The combination of the island air, atmosphere, and delicious food make eating here a rather special experience – especially on a sunny day.

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