Stanley Park in Vancouver is an astonishing place, giving visitor the feeling that they are far away from the city despite being on the downtown peninsula.  On the Western tip of this lovely space is a similarly lovely restaurant – Teahouse.

Teahouse is located in an old army officers’ club.  The restaurant is divided up into three or four main rooms (and a patio during good weather), each with their own charm.  The one thing that unites all sections is the pleasant atmosphere and professional service.  The waiters and waitresses are impeccably groomed, well dressed, and as knowledgeable about the menu as they are polite.

Salmon Burger. Yum...

The menu offered a number of delicious selections.   I ordered the salmon burger, which was very well cooked and garnished with the usual suspects and a mayonnaise that gave the sandwich some bite.  It was also served with some perfunctory fries.  Though the dish isn’t much to look at (see the photo), the care and skill that went into the meal was not lost on me.

My wife ordered a smoked salmon eggs Benedict.  The eggs were expertly cooked and the Hollandaise sauce was delicious.  Again, this was a well-executed, straightforward dish that delivered exactly what was advertised.

The Flat Bread "Pizza"

On offer was also a kind of pizza (I can’t recall the exact name) which featured fresh greens, smoked salmon, fresh grated cheese and red onions.  The ingredients were served on a crispy flat bread, and would do very well as a light snack during a break from a Stanley Park walk.

Overall, this was an extremely pleasant, unpretentious experience in a warm and comfortable environment.  Teahouse offers excellent quality on all fronts, and I look forward to my next trip to the park if only as an excuse to return to this enjoyable venue.

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