“Dine Out Vancouver” is upon us, and not a moment too soon. The weather has been poor this week, and this can drive a man to drink…or eat…or both (ideally). That’s why I’m glad we got a “Dine Out Vancouver” reservation at L’Abattoir, the cozy little restaurant with a bloody good name.

Warm Steelhead and Potato Salad

My app was a lovely warm steel head and potato salad. The fish was lovely and succulent, which contrasted brilliantly with the crispy potatoes and the smokiness of the pork sprinkled in the salad for good measure. My wife had the gnocchi in a sabayon sauce which made me weep with pleasure.

Our mains were similarly amazing. I had a duck breast and leg meat sausage with buttered green cabbage and pan fried German noodles. The dish was tender and generous.

My wife’s homemade pasta stuffed with braised lamb shoulder roast tenderloin, ricotta cheese (which cut some of the richness of the meat) and tomato and onion pan gravy was also very good. To be honest, however, and despite the fact that all the ingredients were top notch and treated with great respect, I wondered how the dish would work if they removed half the ingredients. That said, each plate was very, very good.

In any event, the entire meal was lit by the warm glow of my new best friend: the Gassy Jack Flip. Anything with Wild Turkey in it can’t be beat.

The desserts, like the rest of the meal, were great. I had a very rich chocolate caramel bar with banana ice cream. Given the rich nature of the meal, however, I think my wife’s choice of the Earl Grey Pot de Creme with light-as-air whipped milk was the wiser choice.

L’Abattoir is a nice, cozy place – especially on a rainy Vancouver evening. The service is friendly and unpretentious, the ingredients fabulous, and it is relatively good value (though a proper meal will set you back at least $50/person). I would definitely come back here and recommend that if you haven’t made it down, that you give it a try.

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