I have lived a charmed life, and some of its summers were spent in France. Part of my healthy diet was chocolate…lots and lots of amazing, high octane chocolate. Despite my best efforts, rare were the chocolate places that stack up to the those childhood memories until I went to Thomas Haas in Vancouver.

Though I only spent a little time here, everything was amazing. The coffee was good, the atmosphere warm, the decor sleek, and the staff was very friendly. Mr. Haas was even behind the counter, smiling and laughing with clients.

Lemon Tart

On the menu for our little afternoon snack were two cakes. The first was a phenomenal lemon tart. The lemony taste was sharp and bright, and the smooth texture of the filling was beautifully contrasted by the (not too) crispness of the crust.

The second item was a pistachio sour cherry tart. This was also a real feast for the eyes and the palate. Again, the execution was great, and the tartness of the cherry was highlighted and tamed by the dessert’s sweet dimensions.

Pistachio Sour Cherry Tart

On a second visit, we also bought some pretty exceptional Thomas Haas chocolates. The quality of the chocolate was some of the best I’ve found in North America, and the balance of each chocolate’s flavours was a great pleasure. Each chocolate was like a glittering jewel that I found myself admiring for a few moments before my more primal instincts took hold and it disappeared.

We also bought a Stollen cake which was something to behold.

The only factor to keep in mind when visiting Thomas Haas’ stores is that they can be wildly busy. The first time I came here a line actually snaked out the door! If you can wait, however (and I strongly recommend that you do), you will not be disappointed. This may very well be the best chocolate and viennoiserie in the city.

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