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Feastro the Rolling Bistro“, the Vancouver food truck, is something to behold.  The truck is big, its food is bold, and the flavours it dishes out bang on.

I wandered down to Feastro (roughly on the corner of Thurlow and West Cordova) on Friday and the first thing I noticed was the line up snaking out from its order/pick-up window.  This was a good sign.

Feastro is a Beastro

As I waited in the glorious sun, I reviewed the menu.  Feastro offers a number of different dishes, but its menu is loyal to its core ingredients – fresh seafood.  Being in the mood for salty and savoury, I opted for their prawn and grilled prosciutto taco.  My order was taken quickly and communicated to the 2 or 3 cooks working in the tight quarters that is the Feastro’s kitchen.

This may sound nerdy, but I was truly amazed at Feastro’s ordering and food delivery system.  Despite the fact that orders streamed in relentlessly, the kitchen managed to pump out the whole range of items on its menu in a quick, organized, clean, accurate, and beautiful way.

I have to give Feastro massive bonus points for pushing the boundaries of what food truck fare can be.  Sure, you might have to wait 3-5 minutes for your food (and some reviewers groan about this) but when you think of what you’re actually getting its quite astonishing.  And this brings me back to my taco.

My punchy little taco sunning itself at Coal Harbour

Though I’ve added a photo of my taco to this blog to give you a sense of the dish, sadly it does not do justice to the look of my lunch.  The prawns were nicely seasoned, had a great bite (from being brined, I wonder?), and were the centre of the various flavours contained in this dish:  The prosciutto added the salt and a bit of chewiness, the arugula and other greens the pepperiness, and the salsa and lime juice the citrus-zing, and the fried onions added some crunch.

Feastro’s kitchen was not shy about portions.  The taco hardly fit on my plate and I had to thin out some of the ingredients before I could wrap them up in the lovely soft shell.  The dish ran me $8, which is very good value compared to the other Vancouver food trucks and when you consider the care that went into this meal.

My experience at Feastro was a very positive one and I would highly recommend that you take advantage of the last few glorious weeks of Vancouver summer weather and head down to Thurlow and West Cordova for some Feastro goodness.

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If you’ve ever watched the HBO series “The Wire“, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the name “Re-Up” for a food cart that claims to sell addictive food. And if you have a hankering for delicious pulled pork, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the Re-Up BBQ Food Cart.

I gave the Georgia West and Hornby branch of this rolling pulled pork palace a try a few days ago for lunch.  I showed up nice and early (around 11:30am) and had no trouble getting served in two shakes of a pig’s tail by Re-Up’s uber-friendly cart guru.

What struck me immediately about Re-Up is its simplicity, from its toaster-like exterior to its humble menu.  Without all the frills, it seems that the cart’s focus is on what counts:  Food.  As such, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich that made Re-Up famous.

At $7, this meal is a good deal.  Though you might argue that you could get a soup, sandwich and a double-double at another lunch place, I can assure you that the girth and volume of Re-Up’s signature dish makes it a meal in itself.

Though I’ve read reviews that exalt the moistness of the pork, I found it to be just a smidge on the dry side.  Perhaps Re-Up was having an off day, or perhaps the pork  used happened not to be the usual kind.  As anyone who has ever made ribs can attest, it’s a delicate balance between extracting the essence of pork’s flavour by cooking it low and slow enough, and overcooking it.  Meh…I’m probably being too picky.

In any event, any dryness in the pork was counter balanced by that crackerjack Re-Up sauce which was a study on complimentary contrasts.  It was smokey yet light, sweet yet sour.  What accentuated it even more was the use of wonderfully seasoned ‘slaw to take this sloppy sandwich some crunch.

Holding it all together was a simple, white bun.  Though at first I thought the bun was the weakest part of my lunch, I began to think that its slight dryness was meant to sop up the medley of BBQ sauce, ‘slaw seasoning, and residual pork juices.  Damn.  Just thinking about that makes me hungry…

Overall, this is a solid food cart, with good service, good food, and has good value.  I will definitely go back and recommend you give Re-Upa go.

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